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STI Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of Thermocouple types E, J, K, T and more. The Type J Thermocouple and Type K Thermocouple are the most common used. We also manufacture custom RTDs and supply Thermowell styles to fit your application needs. Multipoint thermocouples are a specialty we offer. Contact us today for more information about the thermocouples types we offer and pricing.


Available in a variety of styles, including multipoint configurations, and manufactured in-house to meet your precise requirements.


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Custom RTD manufacturing with your choice of material, size, sheath, lead wires, single or dual element, spring loading, and more.


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Supplying a broad range of thermowell options to support many different applications. Choose the appropriate size, rating, and material.


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Needle & Gauge Valves

Throttle, regulate, and isolate gaseous and aggressive non-viscous liquid services or isolate, calibrate, and vent gauge, pressure switches and static instruments.

Needle & Gauge Valves

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Manifold Valves

Direct mount and remote mount configurations available for gauge and absolute pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, and pressure switches.

Manifold Valves

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What Our Clients Say

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for the support of the Baytown Olefins Plant Expansion in Baytown, Texas.

I have included a copy of the achievement Part II Brochure that documents the project accomplishments as a result of your efforts.

Thank you again for your support and response on this project.


Just a note of appreciation for all your help in the design and construction of a prototype RTD assembly for the carbonylation reactor.

Because of the quick reaction of STI, the RTD assembly arrived in time for our Assistant Project Manager, Peter Gilchrist, to take the assembly to Germany. The response of the Germany company building the reactor thermowell to the STI RTD was excellent.

Thanks to your efforts, we now have a solid design for our carbonylation reactor RTD assemblies. The BHC Company values the service and product your company offers. I am certainly looking forward to continued relationship with STI on this project.

Jim Fuggit, BHC Company

I wanted to personally thank you for the engineering expertise and the I&T inspection service you have furnished Star in recommending, building, and overseeing the installation of the new tube skin thermocouples on our CRU4 Platformer Heaters.

We are fully aware that installation inspection on a round-the-clock,

7-days-a-week basis during one of our I&Ts is not a part of your normal business routine, and I wanted to acknowledge your helping us in a critical part of the critical path of our CRU4 I&T. Swede tells me your help was invaluable and we are very pleased with the initial startup results we’re seeing on the tube skin temp measurements. Right now, only 3 out of 30 temp points are giving us questionable readings and we’ve not had time to double check everything to ensure they’re properly connected.

We are looking forward to continuing the excellent relationship we’ve had with STI Manufacturing and their personnel over recent years. Thank you again for your willingness to furnish us a needed, valuable service under unusual circumstances.

R.S. PENINGER • Manager Engineering Services, StarEnterprise

Thank you very much for giving Huntsman Chemical your all during our recent turnaround. You not only helped me with my current projects, but you have also made me aware of a valuable partnership.

I certainly appreciate the time you spent handling our account, and I applaud the work and effort that you and your organization are doing to preserve this valuable working relationship.

Your interest in Huntsman Chemical and the courtesy and cooperation you have extended is sincerely appreciated.

TOM GIBBONS • Purchasing Agent, Huntsman Chemical Corporation

Hoechst Celanese Chemical Group – Clear Lake Plant, would like to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts during the week of March 14, 1994. Our rush requirements for 110 multipoint thermocouple assemblies seemed to be hopeless until STI Manufacturing was contacted.

We acknowledge that STI Manufacturing, Inc. went the “extra mile” for us during that week. Your efforts enabled us to keep the downtime to one of our operating units at a minimum. Again, our sincere thanks to those people involved during this period.

R. D. GUENTHER • Purchasing Agent, Hoechst Celanese Corporation

Please accept our congratulations and appreciation for a tough job well done. For the benefit of others a brief documentary follows.

on a recent Wednesday, I informed STI that we suddenly had an extremely urgent need for the thermowell which I had previously been discussing. Because of a number of complexities, it was not even close to being specified sufficiently for quoting. so, we worked out the details sufficiently for you to offer a quote that day. You quoted a Saturday delivery on the fabricated pipe with a Sunday delivery for the prepared flange. At the time this seemed acceptable and we placed our P.O. accordingly, but, by noon on Thursday I had to inform you of a greater urgency and also more complex requirements. These included:

  • More timely delivery of the flange and welding of the flange by you.
  • Certified dye penetration checks of the flange welding.
  • Shot peening treatment of the sweep bends and all welds.

With all these additional requirements we asked you to assure us of a Saturday A.M. delivery. At the same time we had to apologize for not having resolved a remaining design detail (pipe bending dimensions).

When you called me at about 2:00 A.M. Saturday, to inform me of severe welding difficulties I feared that delays of a day or more were probable. But, you assured me that you had obtained the services of a back up Welder/Inspector. After all the struggling was over the thermowell arrived in the early afternoon. Considering the job complexity, we believe this to be excellent performance.

Thank you.

RALF G. TOENNIES • Sr. Principal Engineer, Quantum Chemical Corporation